Oregon Coast Landscaping Services

Bros. & Hoes Landscaping is a licensed and bonded landscaping company that has been serving the central Oregon coast since 2001. Design is where it all starts weather you are moving forward on a large scale project or trying to correct small maintenance issues within your existing landscape. Bros. & Hoes Landscaping Inc. has the knowledge and understanding to help with your landscape task. Able to do everything from designing, installation of retaining walls, patios, terraces, lawns, plant material areas or tackle maintenance task such as mowing, edging, weeding, fertilizing and pruning, Bros. & Hoes Landscaping Inc. would love to assist.

Check Out some of our work below:

Retaining Walls

custom retainging walls

Custom Fire pits

custom retainging walls


custom retainging walls

New Construction

custom retainging walls

Commercial Residential

Being able to identify microclimates within your yard to give plant material the best living space available is important here on the coast

Services Maintenance
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Our you tube video

Check out our video also check out our gallery too. It will help you with ideas for all your landscaping need on the Oregon coast.